The unique nature of the NAF is that the core of its being is Newtown school alumni – who attended both public and private schools in Newtown. These persons are now in locations across the country and across the world, and they represent individuals with experience, connections, and credibility, and they have stories that they can tell regarding what Newtown was and can be. In addition, the alumni represent a true connection between Newtown and its students, and the larger community of the state, the country and the world.

“Our vision is to leverage the talents and passions of Newtown alumni, and our family and friends, to help connect Newtown with the larger community.”

Our Mission:

“Promote restoration and healing of the quality of life in the Newtown Community by connecting students and teachers with Newtown’s alumni and the greater world through developing and funding activities that promote psychological healing. Such activities to include but not limited to play, art, music, outdoor activities and technology.”


The Newtown Alumni Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all contributions are deductible as of August 13, 2013.  100% of net proceeds of all donations are used to support the mission of the Newtown Alumni Fund.  The Newtown Alumni Fund is staffed by volunteers and does not incur any salary overhead. As of February 2013, the NAF has raised over $50,000.
Send checks to:
Newtown Alumni Fund
PO Box 14
Newtown, CT 06470

How the money will be used:

The NAF will assess the greatest short and long-term needs arising from this tragedy and provide funding to address them as our resources allow. Your support now and in the future will ensure that Newtown and its residents are given the greatest opportunity to persevere and eventually overcome the many painful consequences of this event.

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